Prescription Drug Rehab

Prescription drugs make up the vast majority of abused substances in the United States. Ranging from prescription opioids like OxyContin and Vicodin to other prescription drugs such as Xanax, Adderall, and Ambien, these drugs can be highly beneficial when used as prescribed and taken for the conditions they are meant to treat. These medications, however, can be just as addictive as they are beneficial.

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    For many people, they first encounter prescription drugs when one of their healthcare providers writes out a script for them. They might be dealing with insomnia, symptoms of ADHD, or pain resulting from an injury, surgical procedure, or chronic pain, to name a few. When they take the prescription drug that has been provided to them, they can easily become more likely to use them outside of the prescribed guidelines if they are helping them feel better or improving their health. The temptation to then start medicating oneself can become the starting point for a substance abuse problem, which can easily trigger the onset of a full-blown addiction.

    Since prescription drugs are so common in the United States, there is often a misconception that the use of them is not nearly as harmful as the use of illicit substances like heroin, cocaine, or meth. However, prescription drugs are just as dangerous, if not more. This false understanding can lead to the abuse of prescription drugs, too.

    When someone is abusing prescription drugs, regardless of what type of prescription it is, their entire lives can become impacted by that abuse. From their physical wellbeing to their professional lives, those who are abusing these substances can suffer significant loss that may not be able to be recovered. Some examples of the consequences that can develop when abusing prescription drugs can include the following:

    • Loss of a job followed by chronic unemployment
    • Financial problems due to draining of funds to support prescription drug abuse
    • Legal issues resulting from illegal possession, dealing, public intoxication, accidents caused while under the influence, OUI, etc. 
    • Health problems directly related to the type of prescription drug being abused 
    • Loneliness as a result of broken relationships 
    • Increased risk for developing symptoms of mental illnesses 
    • Death caused by complications associated with prescription drug abuse or overdose

    The only way to stop these consequences in their tracks or prevent them entirely is to obtain professional addiction treatment.

    Benefits of Our Prescription Drug Rehab in Lexington, KY

    People in need of professional treatment for a prescription drug addiction can benefit from an innumerable amount of ways when they seek out and obtain that help. The benefits of treatment are endless, especially when patients put forth their best effort and remain dedicated to their recovery.

    Above all else, enrolling in treatment stops the physical act of using. Once the patient is admitted, the abuse of prescription drugs is no more. This immediately eliminates their risk for overdose and their potential for suffering additional repercussions associated with being under the influence. Additional benefits of prescription drug rehab include:

    • Receiving an education on addiction as a disease and utilizing that education to help better understand how and why one’s addiction developed and sustained itself
    • Developing several different ways to prevent relapse, including learning how to identify triggers and enact action plans when one’s recovery is feeling threatened
    • Working with experienced professionals who can guide patients through many different therapies designed to help address the many needs that they have
    • Being involved in group therapy sessions and other exercises and activities with other recovering users, which promotes the development of a support system 

    Each individual patient will have his or her own personal goals while in treatment. Simply being in a professional prescription drug rehab can help him or her reach those goals, as well as reap the many benefits of recovery.

    What to Expect at our Prescription Drug Rehab in Lexington

    If you are addicted to one or more prescription drugs, know that you are not alone. You are one of the millions of people who are struggling with the disease of addiction. At our prescription drug rehab, we understand how difficult it has been for you and we are here to help. When you enroll in our prescription drug rehab, you can expect to:

    • Work with trained professionals who can administer effective therapeutic services 
    • Be immersed in an environment that supports recovery 
    • Connect with others who are also getting sober and working on their recovery
    • Receive continued support after you complete your program

    Our prescription drug rehab in Lexington, KY offers outpatient services that require patients to maintain a regular presence at our facility. Those who are participating in the intensive outpatient program (IOP) commit to coming to the facility on a near-daily basis and spending the entire day there. The outpatient program requires patients to come to the facility a few times per week for a couple of hours at a time. Both programs allow patients to continue to live at home and uphold personal and professional responsibilities all while receiving the clinical care needed to end the vicious cycle of prescription drug abuse and addiction.

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    There is no better time than right now to reach out and contact our prescription drug rehab in Lexington, KY. We can help you stop your addiction from controlling your life and put you back in the driver’s seat. So, do not wait. Call us right now.