Evidence-Based Treatment

Evidence-based treatment refers to forms of treatment that have been scientifically tested and proven to produce positive results. These treatments are capable of providing patients with effective treatment for issues like substance use disorders and mental health disorders.

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    To ensure that patients receive the right type of evidence-based treatment in addiction treatment settings, providers follow six steps:

    1. Assess the patient and ask the right questions in order to determine their clinical needs
    2. Acquire relevant research by looking into studies 
    3. Appraise the applicability and knowledge in regards to the needs of the patient
    4. Discuss results of the research with the patient and work to incorporate them into his or her own belief system 
    5. Apply knowledge by establishing an action plan with the patient 
    6. Implement the plan

    When a provider utilizes evidence-based treatment in Lexington, KY, it is because he or she feels that the treatment is a good fit for the needs of the patient and can bring about positive results in their recovery. Today, there are dozens of evidence-based treatments that are used in addiction treatment facilities worldwide, as the use of them has shown to treat the symptoms related to the disease of addiction and help those in recovery maintain their sobriety.

    Types of Evidence-Based Treatment

    We offer evidence-based treatment in Lexington, KY and commonly utilize the following in the treatment of our patients:

    Family therapy

    When one person is struggling with a substance use disorder, his or her entire family suffers, too. The disease of addiction is a family disease, as it touches the lives of everyone connected to the user. At our facility, we provide family therapy, which is one of the most commonly used evidence-based therapies in the country. When receiving this type of therapy, families (including the addicted loved one) learn how to communicate with one another through listening and “hearing” what each other is saying, identify and address resentments and emotional pain, and develop skills that help them forge a positive path forward. 

    Motivational interviewing

    It is extremely common for those who are new to recovery to struggle with getting motivated in their treatment, especially if they were intervened on by loved ones or court-mandated to rehab. Regardless of the reason, those who have difficulty motivating themselves can benefit from motivational interviewing. This evidence-based treatment in Lexington, KY is designed to help trigger internal motivation through asking questions and changing behaviors. A therapist will work with the patient and ask questions, challenge beliefs, and promote accountability to spark motivation to change.

    Cognitive-behavioral therapy

    For decades, cognitive behavioral therapy has been used to treat millions of people with mental illnesses and diseases like addiction. We use this evidence-based treatment in Lexington, KY in nearly all of our patients, as the goal of it is to help modify negative thinking patterns and emotional responses to promote positive behaviors. CBT can be conducted in both individual and group settings.

    Dialectical behavioral therapy

    Dialectical behavioral therapy is an evidence-based treatment in Lexington, KY that is designed to help individuals in addiction recovery learn how to regulate their emotions and manage stressful situations more effectively. DBT also focuses on getting patients to improve upon their interpersonal relationships and practice mindfulness as a way of preventing relapse, staying grounded in recovery, and reducing the impact of distressing experiences.

    Group counseling

    Group counseling can be found in nearly every addiction treatment center in the country, as it is one of the most impactful and effective evidence-based treatments for this specific disease. Patients in a program come together under the leadership of one or more therapists and work together to address commonly shared challenges and develop skills to keep them stable in their recovery. This evidence-based treatment in Lexington, KY can provide insight, accountability, and support for all patients who participate. 

    There exist several other evidence-based treatments, including individual therapy and relapse prevention, both of which are also frequently utilized in patients of our treatment center and throughout the country.

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