Individual Therapy

Therapy can be of importance to everyone, as it serves as a time for an individual to focus on his or her mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Those who utilize therapy to help treat symptoms associated with one or more mental illnesses often find therapy to be a necessity in their lives.

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    In fact, approximately 82% of individuals who received therapy for a mental illness in 2014 reported that it was somewhat or very helpful. That same year, 6.7 million Americans obtained therapy for a mental illness and studies showed that more women than men got therapeutic care.

    Today, therapy remains an extremely important aspect of treating mental illnesses, as well as diseases like addiction. Those who are struggling with addiction can incorporate therapy into their lives to help them put a stop to their destructive patterns of abuse and offer continual support as they move forward in their recovery. Out of the dozens of kinds of therapies that exist, individual therapy is a vital staple in the treatment of those who have a substance use disorder.

    Benefits of Individual Addiction Therapy

    Individual therapy is a priceless resource for recovering substance abusers. Above all else, individual therapy sessions serve as a place for people to open up about their emotions and do so with someone who can help them process their feelings. When addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, people usually spend the vast majority of their time attempting to numb any negative feelings that they are having, making it nearly impossible to access them never mind process them. Once the fog of addiction has lifted, the emotions that have been buried deep down quickly resurface. At that time, being involved in individual addiction therapy is crucial in helping people handle their feelings without turning to the abuse of drugs and/or alcohol to self-medicate.

    Additional benefits of individual therapy include:

    • Developing recovery-related goals
    • Learning new coping skills
    • Improving communication
    • Learning how to manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms
    • Deciphering triggers for use
    • Identifying underlying causes of the addiction
    • Incorporating self-care into daily life

    Those participating in individual therapy can also benefit from learning how to release anger, frustration, and sadness, as well as develop ways to judge themselves less so that they can build a solid foundation of self-confidence and positive self-worth.

    Individual Therapy in Lexington, KY

    At JourneyPure Lexington, we value a number of different therapies and ensure that each one of our patients is connected to the modalities that are best suited for their unique treatment needs. While all patients do not participate in the exact same types of therapy across the board because of these needs, they all go to individual therapy sessions because of the great value that comes from working one-on-one with a professional.

    Our individual addiction therapy in Lexington, KY is designed to get patients reconnected with themselves in ways that encourage full and comprehensive healing. Once a person’s active addiction ends, he or she can be very emotionally and mentally vulnerable because what he or she was once using as a metaphorical emotional shield that is now no longer “protecting” them. Individual therapy can take that vulnerability and turn it into strength.

    With a team of professionals who are experienced, dedicated, and compassionate, our individual addiction therapy in Lexington offers patients all of the above-listed benefits and more. Our therapists are trained to incorporate additional psychotherapies into the individual therapy sessions they conduct, adding more benefit to our patients’ treatment outcomes. Therefore, not only are patients engaging in talk therapy, but they are also able to receive other therapies within their sessions, including, but not limited to, the following:

    • Cognitive-behavioral therapy —  Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a form of therapy designed to help patients challenge their thinking patterns in an effort to improve upon their behaviors.
    • Dialectical behavioral therapy — Dialectical behavioral therapy, which is commonly known as DBT, helps patients learn how to cope with stress, stay present in the moment through mindfulness, regulate their emotions, and work on their interpersonal relationships with others.

    • Motivational interviewing — Motivational interviewing can be done in an individual therapy setting, as the therapist will work to help the patient let go of the insecurities that are holding him or her back from achieving success in his or her recovery.

    The therapists who conduct individual therapy in Lexington, KY can also help treat patients who struggle with a history of trauma through popular practices like EMDR or exposure therapy. 

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    Recovering from a substance use disorder takes a multi-pronged approach. The individual addiction therapy in Lexington, KY that we can provide can help you get on the road to recovery and let go of whatever it is that is keeping you tied to your active addiction.

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